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Behringer vs Tapco - advice pls?


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  • Behringer vs Tapco - advice pls?

    I need to buy an inexpensive mixer for live work with an acoustic duo - requirement is four mic inputs and three eq-able line inputs, with a basic reverb for vocals. Both the Behringer 1222FX and the Tapco Mix 260FX fit the bill - does anyone have any thoughts on which might be preferable? Thanks.

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    Take a long look at the Peavey PV10 or Yamaha MG124CX


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      Really???? What is your actual budget? These are both really low end mixers. What are your priorities for this project? Are you willing to give up sound quality and reliability for low price? We might have some better suggestions that will sound better and have a better reliability record....

      That being said, I believe the Behringer is the better of the two you listed. Soul-x's suggestions are much better then what you listed. Check them out.

      Dont be afraid of Craigslist or eBay. There are a lot of really good deals out there on used gear.
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        Thanks guys - The Yamaha's a bit too pricy for me atm but I hadn't come across the PV10 - it looks like it might be the way forward.


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          Even a Phonic mixer would be better IMHO.
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            Talking about Phonic. I have gone back to using my phonic Powerpod 620 and I really like it with my yamaha S112IVN 12'inch speaker.

            For outside patio gigs and small coffee bar gigs , it works great plus with my new TC Electronic M350 effects unit really does add a bit of spice.

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              In the land of cheap mixers, Behringer is king. There, I said it.

              Tapco mixers are Mackie's attempt at out-Behringering Behringer for the same cheap market. Both are made in China with Behringer having more experience there. Don't know about Tapco's after sales service but Behringer's is simple: Replacement in the warranty period, and it's cheap enough to throw away if outside the warranty. Neither are cost effictive to repair (unless you do it yourself).



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                Even a Phonic mixer would be better IMHO.

                IME Phonic make Behringer look good...

                Save up and pay the extra for the Yamaha. It'll be worth it.
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                  Well I've looked at both - tried the Peavey but the mid eq is at 400hz which isn't really much use to me - I'm putting a piezo'd acoustic through it and I need cut at 2,500 ish. Yamaha's a bit big and it's got a nasty external psu. Had a look at the Soundcraft EFX8 and I like it - swept mid, 8 mic imputs, Lexicon reverbs and a bit over 200GBP - think that's the one. Thanks for the input.