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Amazing what a day's worth of work can produce...


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  • Amazing what a day's worth of work can produce...

    So, this small club I work from time to time called me saying that one of their guys blew their drum wedge (custom built cab with a JBL 15 and a JBL horn in it. Old school components, don't remember ratings). Now, they've got a show tonight with a drummer that always needs more in his wedge, and now wedge.

    So, I go in and start tearing through all their old gear to build something that will get them through tonight. Less than a day's work and they now have three working options for drums.

    2x Turbosound TMS-2a fills. (One on stage and one ready to back it up when they kill it sometime in the future)

    and the JBL wedge is rebuilt with a Peavey 1505 in the place of the old JBL 15".

    From zero to three in no time.

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      Not on me. Maybe after tonight's gig.