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Wireless transmiiter question (nutty, I expect)


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  • Wireless transmiiter question (nutty, I expect)

    Hello all and thanks for taking the time to look at this.

    I have a pro Sony Wireless transmitter and receiver. I usually use it with a lavaliere mic for video interviews, etc. I am helping a local non-profit shoot a play they have devised for a fundraiser. As they are not pro actors they are using a selection of shotgun mics at strategic points around the stage. The mixer is at the side of the stage. I will be shooting video from various points around the hall. As I need to get an audio feed from the mixer into my camera and it is impractical to run that length of mic cable is there a way I can adapt my wireless transmitter so that it will accept an XLR, mini plug, or RCA? The transmitter has a 4-pin Hirose Connector (female) so I guess I would need some kind of adapter (but I can't find anything online). Thanks for any advice.

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    See the other thread...
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