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  • QSC KW 181

    I just picked up a pair of KW 181 subs to run underneath my K12's or K10's, depending on the venue. I am very impressed! They sound great and work fantastic with both tops, however, I think the transistion at the crossover point seems a little smoother with the K12's. Very warm, punchy and loud. The size, weight and built in casters make it easy to move and set up also. We will play out with them at the end of the month and I will post another

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    I used one of these for our last gig this weekend over our 153i's and I was quite impressed with the Xover network between the two series. This would be quite THE system hadn't we gone ahead and put some cash down on the 181i which we are still paying for. I really like the fan idea that is housed in the KW unit.