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  • Bad timing

    Not really a question but seems like every time the NAMM show comes around I'm broke, and all the cool gear... Well it'll have to wait.

    And I had a small amp rack stolen with a carvin 4ch amp and 2 DBX EQ's in it. One of the few amps I bought new a little over a year ago. FWIW I wholly endorse the carvin DCM2004L amp, excellent monitor/multipurpose amp. I really wish I had it back...
    And the 2 monitors I built.
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    People suck
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    • Mogwix
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      seems like theft is just something you have to budget for these days, but I guess that already comes into the budget if you have all your gear insured.

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    I've been REALLY lucky at this time of year. Ordinarily, the expenses of heating this now-too-big-for-me-alone house, municipal taxes being due all at roughly the same time, puts a strain on the cash flow. On the other hand, my dealer has his annual inventory sale every mid-February, and he offers serious mark-downs on a ton of gear, especially store-demo's. Not only is the gear marked-down, but he also offers 0% financing for 12 months on that marked down price. He's the only dealer around who does that, and it really takes the sting out of those mid-winter expenses. Other local guys offer 0% financing too, but only if you buy at the regular selling price.

    On another note, I'm very sorry to hear about someone stealing your amp-rack. Who the hell does **************** like that? It strikes me as bizarre that someone would simply grab a case and walk away. How many people would know what's in the case to start with, and what are the odds that someone who happens to be a thief, finds himself with an unimpeded opportunity, in such a public location. Weird.

    And on another note, I just checked out your Rock-Bot link. FABULOUS STUFF Pete. Great band, great sound.

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      Unalaska wrote:
      Not really a question but seems like every time the NAMM show comes around I'm broke, and all the cool gear... Well it'll have to wait.
      No, I'd call that *good* timing (aside from the amp rack being stolen, that sucks).  All the shiny stuff comes out, and you have to wait for people to report bugs, not as cool as advertised, etc.
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      • Unalaska
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        These days when I see a cool truck I think,"can't wait to buy one in 10 years"