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Looking for ideas for a boost pedal

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  • Looking for ideas for a boost pedal

    Let me start off by saying that recently my Deluxe Reveb bit the dust, and I bought a Mustang III. On my DR you could pull out the volume knob, and get a boost, and it had a footswitch you could use for switching the boost on/off. Any of you familiar with DR's will know what I am talking about. Anyway my Mustang III does not have such a boost feature. So I was wondering about getting some kind of boost pedal to do the same thing my DR did. I don't want an all out overdrive, or distortion pedal, just a little something for a boost whenever I do solos. If anyone has any ideas for good boost type pedals let's hear'em...Thanks

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    I picked up one of the used cheap, of course their cheap new. Does exactly what you need.


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      I had one of these for a while when I was experimenting with ways to get a solo boost for acoustic guitar.  It wasn't appropriate for that application, but it struck me as a great boost pedal for electric guitar.  If I had needed one for that I would have kept it for sure.  Worth a look:








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        I like the volume pedal option, it gives a lot more flexibility than a linear on/off boost pedal; you set the full pedal volume where you want it for a solo and roll it back when lower volume is needed.

        Did I mention the new forum sucks?


        • abzurd
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          I have an Electro-Harmonix Signal Pad that's in mint condition. I bought it for my guitar player who wouldn't use it, but it's exactly what you're looking for and works perfectly. The volume dial lets you set the boost you want and the 9V battery only operates the LED to let you know when it's being boosted.

          Since I don't use it I'd be willing to sell if you're interested. Just give me a PM.

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        IME the boost pedal option works great when using a clean channel, but on a decent valve amp's gain/dirty channel, it tends to push the amp (further) into compression and might give a "better" distorted sound, but disappointingly little extra volume. This may or may not be what you are looking for....

        YMMV and other disclaimers etc.




        • abzurd
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          FWIW, we were going to use it on the output side. In that case you'd be using a modeller and putting it between the output of the modeller and the DI that goes to the board. For that is works great as it's literally just boosting the signal to the mixer.