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Another versus choice...QSC KW vs. dB DVX


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  • Another versus choice...QSC KW vs. dB DVX

    I've been talking to the dealer that I've been talking about the QSC KW system with.  He's been talking to me about the dB DVX series of speakers, namely 4 D15's and 4 SUB 18D's that would outperform the KW's for a little more.  Can anyone comment?  The differences that I can tell between them are the KW's are three-way versus two-way and are cheaper, but the DVX's are cheaper, have a larger HF driver (2.5" coil with 1.4" exit vs. 1.75" driver on the KW), and the D15's have a 60x40* spread (versus 75x75 for the KW) which should allow better combining with multiple speakers...I know dB Technlogies is a sister company to RCF, and their speakers are supposed to be excellent.  Thanks guys.  (Sorry I keep posting topic after topic, just want to make sure I'm making the right choice)

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    The higher end DB stuff is fairly rare.. i would say that the more MI grade DB stuff, i've never been a fan of the sound, just find it fairly harsh and not particularly loud for the claimed watts. 


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      While I can't speak about the DVX tops,  I've got something very similar in their DVA T4  "mini" line array tops.    2 per side over RCF TT single 18 subs.   

      FWIW,  They're definitely better than the QSC HPR153's I had when I first started my band.