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  • JBL SR FOH tops

    Lookin for thoughts. Lately I have been aquiring parts and pieces for a complete band PA. Before I started this insane goal I had a Mackie 808 mixeramp head and a pair of Yamaha S115V tops. It works great for my acoustic show. Since then I have gotten a 16ch A&H mix wizard board, a Driverack pa+, 2 Crown Macro tech 36x12 amps, a pair of JBL sr 4715a 2x15 subs w/fresh recone (thats another story) and a pair of Yamaha SM15V monitors. I'm thinking of useing the Mackie to power the floor monitors and the tops on sticks as side fills. so I still need FOH tops. I am really wanting a pair of the sr 4725's 1x15/horn. I have found a pair of sr 4722a 1x12/horn (baby cheek) localy for $550. does anyone know how these 12's would compare to the 15's for bi-amped tops? The system would be used mainly in medium size rooms, some are def. long and narrow. Should I jump on the 12's or hold out for 15's? Thoughts? Thanks in advance.   

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    So many topics have popped up since I posted about the ones I'm working with... :mansurprised: lol.  The bar I've been working at uses a set of 4733's over a set of Eminence subs in JBL drivers ( soon to get a set of 2241H's ), and they absolutely rock.  The tops are barely being pushed and are definitely loud.  They have that JBL sound to them (I'm impartial) but they will definitely be loud enough.


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      Thanks for the reply Ice, I could not find your post about the sr 4722 (1x12/horn). It's a 600w speaker so I know it would be loud enough. I was wondering if would handle the mid lows or would it sound to "tinney"? the 15/horn Yamaha's sound good but not the JBL quality that I want. I think they will work fine for side fills though. 4733's (2x15/horns) would be great combo. but I don't think I could lift them by myself on top of the dual 15's! lol. I have found a pair of two different types in Chicago, about a 3 1/2 hour drive one way but they want $1300 for a pair of sr4726 (1x15/horn) maybe a little pricey?  A pair of sr4731 (2x12/horn) for $1075 Or the pair of sr4722 for $550 local. I have around $1,000 set aside, I just want to make the right choice.