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Stage Monitor Options?

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  • Stage Monitor Options?

    Hello people!

    Been down this road a few times but I'm still weighing my options on monitor speakers.

    One limiting factor is my transportation which is not going to change so here's what I'm looking at.

    I need to load 4 monitors across a space of 48". I have a bunch of PV12M's loaded with Ultratouch insulation that do the job but take up too much room and are not stackable.

    We do not have a loud stage volume so I don't need ear popping levels.

    Here are some of my considerations:

    EV ZXA1           10.39" deep

    ZX1-90             10.35" deep

    Carvin PM10    10.75" deep

    Ramsdell  10cx  small enough but a lot more $ than the rest.

    Bose 802 Series  13H X 20.5W X 12.5 D....Yes larger but stackable. Two wide X two high in 41" and can be purchased used, locally, for about $400/pair and handle 230wrms.

    Any comments on these? Other suggestions?

    If the cabs aren't too big then stacking works. I've got 28-30" of inside height once I pass the side door or back lid to stack equipment which explains the interest in the Bose. I know...I know....some hate Bose but I want monitors and I don't need a loud stage volume.

    Come to think of it. Anyone know of powered spks for FOH that are plastic(love the lack of weight) and stackable on their sides?


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    How about only 2 and share mixes?
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    • stunningbabe
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      No matter what, stay away from BOSE 802. these speakers have very low sensitivty and are power hungry. Friends do not let Friends buy BOSE :smiley-eatdrink055:

    • trevcda
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      Unalaska wrote:
      How about only 2 and share mixes?

      No kidding!  If you need four monitor mixes across a 48" foot print, you need IEMs not wedges.  If it's not seperate mixes then you don't need four wedges in that space.  It's going to create more problems than it solves.