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Please Help - Speaker Smoking!


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  • Please Help - Speaker Smoking!

    Hey Guys, can someone please give me some advice, I am a noob.

    I bought a pair of JRX-125's and hooked them up running stereo to a Crown Xti 4000. I also had a BBE crossover and a Sabine GRQ-3102.

    After an hour, the left cabinet sounded like it was crackling a little, so I turned down the volume. 15 minutes later, the right cabinet started SMOKING! 

    I've blown speakers before, but I've never had one smoke! Do you think the problem is the amp, the cabinets, or posibly anything else I mentioned above? Did I over power them? Thanks so much guys!

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    first guess is..expecting to much from to little rig for the gig. second..does that crossover have the bbe sonic maximizer circuit in it, and third, were any of the red clip lights on any of the three pieces of gear, amp crossover or eq on at any time?


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      Hi Spotty, thanks for the reply!

      First, you're right! I was expecting too much from too small of a rig!

      Second, the BBE does have a Sonic Maximizer on it. I had it dialed up about half-way.

      Third, the clip would flash periodically on the amp. But it wasn't constantly on.

      Thank you sooooo much for any help. Aside from frying the speakers, I hate that this happened because now I am paranoid that I am going to start something on fire. Plus I don't know if I have to send the amp back as well, because that might have been part of the problem or what. Thanks for any info bud.