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Latecy Problem With Digital Mixer And Analog Headphone Amp?

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  • Latecy Problem With Digital Mixer And Analog Headphone Amp?

    Hey guys,

    I was wondering if this was a real issue or something that is exaggerated. My wired IEM systems have analog heaphone amps at each musician/singer's mic stand and the amp allows microphone and instruments "pass through" on the way to the mixer in order to give the individual performers "more me" control with associated knobs. So the sum total of signal going to the IEM from the headphone amp (Rolls PM351) is the aux send from the mixer, the singer's mic, and their instrument.

    So I have heard that latency from the digital mixer will cause a problem with the sum of the signals being out of phase, or more specifically, the aux send coming in would supposedly be out of phase with the pass through signals.

    Is this true? If so, would the latency cause a phase shift problem, creating a strange effect into the IEM's?

    I asked this over at Presonus and they told me that their mixer would only have no audible effect. Here is what he said:

    "The input to output latency on the StudioLive is about 1.8ms. You're not going to notice any latency from any post converter output on the mixer."


    So what's the deal here?



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    If you are combining the analog signal with the same signal passing through the studiolive then you will absolutely hear odd cancellation effects due to the delayed signal from the mixer mixing with the immediate signal of the headphone amp. There isn't really a good way to avoid this other than to make sure that you aren't mixing the two signals together (don't use the 'more me' knob).




    • abzurd
      abzurd commented
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      IMO, don't worry about. From a practical standpoint it's a non-issue. We use IEMs all the time with the SL.

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    Run everything through the auxes. Forget the little doodad.


    • Gregidon
      Gregidon commented
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      Alternatively, though convoluted, you could send a separate aux out (with just the vocal) to each personal mixer to introduce the same delay into the "just me" signal. Main issue here is the significant increase in complexity.

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    Sell the wired IEM's, have the musicians actually spend some money and each of them buy their own wireless IEM unit. Plug them into the aux's and have them run QMix to control their own IEM mix.

    The band this weekend was blown away when I gave them control of their IEM mix. Took about 3 minutes to demonstrate and school them on how the app worked.

    They were all smiling and shaking their heads at how easy it was.

    Of course, I can imagine the belly-aching I'd have to put up with if I suggested it to my band.