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  • Stupid tinkering question

    I've got some old peavey Impulse 200 -- both the powered and non-powered models -- lying around. What would be the pitfalls if I installed a NL4 in the back of the powered unit and used it to biamp power the passive unit as well?

    I just looked at the service docs on these -- they're a pretty low tech design compared to modern powered speakers.

    It looks like they just stuck in the power amp module, in it's entirety, of an old XRD 680 stereo powered mixer, which was rated good down to 4 ohms in that application. Thermal management could be an issue, but I've seen an old 680 and they were passively cooled without really any more heatsink than the Impulse.

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    Never mind. Just spotted the obvious: the powered units come with the 4 ohm basket on the Black Widow LF driver.
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