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Compact Digital Reverb box/pedal recommendation?

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  • Compact Digital Reverb box/pedal recommendation?

    Sometimes we have to squeeze into tight spaces at a venue and I was thinking last weekend that if I just had a TC Helicon VoiceTone R1 Vocal Tuned Reverb or similar to throw on the vocal FX aux send for reverb I could leave the SKB Gigrig in the truck. I've left the outboard racks in the truck running vocals dry before and that's fine in a pinch, but being able to throw a box up on the doghouse and patch it in would get some verb on the vocals and be a perfect solution, I think. Thoughts?
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    Sure, that would work, although the E1 would probably be a better bet if you're looking at just one of those pedals. For live work delay is usually more usable than reverb. If I use reverb at all it's VERY subtle.

    Do something like a voiceplay and you can have some real fun and still keep it small.
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