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  • OT - video kick drum head

    So I've been trying to improve the "show" aspect of our performances as far as production goes. One thing to improve is to make the e-drums look more real. I figure if it has brass cymbals and, what appears to be a kick drum, 80\% of the people won't know the difference..... looks like drums. So I set off to make a faux kick drum. Initially I was going to get a full printed drum head with our logo on it or some other graphic..... then I had this idea.

    I'd already been to Wal-mart and bought a 17 gallon plastic tub for $6. I cut it about 4" or so from the lip to make a plastic hoop that would be the drum shell. I was looking online for print shops for the drum head when I looked down at a 17" Dell monitor that had been sitting on my office floor for a long time. I grabbed my makeshift drum shell and put it around the monitor. It fit perfectly. Better yet, the monitor has a hydraulic like height adjustment that makes it a fully functional stand for my would be contraption.

    So today I went to Columbus Percussion, where they rustled me up a well used 22" drum head and sold it to me for $5.When I got home tonight I cut the head and scratched off the remainder of the large white logo. Some double stick tape and velcro were next. Then I fired up a laptop I don't think I've used in 3 yrs.... It's still installing 64 updates as I type this.

    Anyway, what I got is below. It's not perfect but a good proof of concept. A cool way to show our logo. I figure I can run a slide show with upcoming shows and other ads at public shows, and maybe put bride and grooms name up for weddings (although that's kind of cheesy). A lot of couples do slideshows though so I thought too of just telling them if they want to send me pics we can show them, especially during cocktail hour and dinner when the stage is front and center but also empty.

    photo 5.JPG

    photo 4.JPG

    photo 1.JPG

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    PA: JBL PRX712, PRX718XLF, RCF 745-A, 522-A, 310A, A&H Qu-16
    Lights: AMDJ Dotz TPAR, Haze Generator, Chauvet GigBAR
    www.nextexitrocks.com | wedding band | Columbus, OH | VIDEO

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    I think that's awesome. very clever