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  • Lyric Scroll Apps?

    Lately, I've been having memory problems due to some health issues. I used to have no problem memorizing lyrics/chords, but now it's becoming a challenge. It's really just spaces and small points I have gaps in my brain and I just need a momentary reminder, not a straight up music stand. I like focusing on the people, not paper. That being said, I need something to help and I was thinking about getting an ipad and heard they have apps that can scroll lyrics as you sing thing? Anyone know of this or know the specific name?

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    Well I just try to get all my lyrics on a single page. some creative use of table in MS Word such a two columns and one row table, often helps get everything on one page.
    Like you say, often more of just having a reminder.
    If I can get everything onto one page, no need to scroll, page turn.
    I use forScore for my music etc. does not scroll as such. You can get a bluetooth footswitch (Search Bt-105) that will let you page flip[ using the foot switch if you really need it.
    I am sure search of the apple app store will bring up a few hits. No specific recommendations though other the for forscore which works well for me.
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      There are a bunch of different apps. I'm a big fan of SongBook Chordpro. It does... well, pretty much everything. Regardless of what you buy, make sure it can read the Chordpro file format. It's a standard markup file format for doing lyrics and chords. So if you ever forget the chords, you can put those into the lyrics and it looks really good.

      But SongBook isn't perfect - there are a few things I'd change. I'd like the buttons to be a bit bigger, but I have that complaint with almost all iOS apps. And their website is, quite frankly, amateur hour. But their app does everything I need.
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        I've been using Onsong. I guess it and SongBook are very similar(use Chordpro style song sheets)
        But I know Onsong does: lyric scrolling, lyric projection (via 30 pin output with add on) associates a sound file and plays it back, on the fly transpose, metronome, import via several sources(Dropbox and Chordie to name a few) lowlight feature(turns page to black and text to white) chord highlight, page control of other ipads with Onsong . . . aw I cant remember it all, but pretty darned cool.

        Amazing what these can do to replace your notebooks without end and replace a music stand light in one swoop.
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