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Can't get Nord EX Stage 88 split layers with external Motif XS keyboard

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  • Can't get Nord EX Stage 88 split layers with external Motif XS keyboard

    I have a new Nord Stage EX 88 MIDI Out connected to my Yamaha Motif XS7 MIDI in both set to MIDI channel 1. The Nord has an External Section on the panel that allows external control of the connected keyboard for example for splits and layers. I can't get the splits and layers working with the External Section for the external keyboard and it just sounds over the whole of the Master keyboard. How do I get the Master Nord keyboard to control the Slave keyboard with the external control section of the Nord Stage?

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    I think I have worked this out. The Nord has a panel A and a panel B for layered sounds and one has to be dedicated to the external keyboard and the correct MIDI channel chosen for it to respond to external controls on the Nord such as for splitting and layering.


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      You can also set the ext midichannels for each program!


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        Did you read the MIDI section of the manual? Each instrument engine (organ, piano, synth) on each panel (A, B) can be set to transmit or receive on its own channel, per patch. It's pretty flexible but a bit confusing.
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