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looking for a straight-ahead performance rig

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  • looking for a straight-ahead performance rig

    i am in a blues band. i am primarily a singer, i play kbs in order to pull my weight. i am shopping around for a rig for performance.

    i play reasonably well but i am not a true synthesizer person. i need no sampling, recording or sequencing capability. (sales guys look at me like they want to pound their head against the wall when i say that) i need piano, rhodes & hammond sounds. what i want to do is very limited in comparison with the full abilities of synthesizers.

    i am looking for key action that feels good to the hand and lets me play expressively via touch. if possible, if advisable, i'd like the synth to be onboard the kb and not a separate piece of gear.

    i play standing up, so i balance on one leg 6 hrs at a time w/ one foot riding the volume pedal. i'd like to either be able to have great volume control via the KB and ride an expression pedal all night, or the other way around. two pedals is going to be tough on me unless i grow another leg =%^)

    i was given a roland AK-37 controller & a roland JV-1010 synth module. yes, yes, i realize they are from the Pliestocene era when dinosaurs still walked the earth, you can stop laughing now. (synth module threw a hissy fit last week so i went screaming into guitar center; man you should have seen their faces, it was like i brought in some kind of exotic fossil)

    i'm running the audio mono through a roland amp. one thing i dont like is i have to pound the crap out of the controller to get expressivity, especially with the hammond sounds. kind of a hard touch on the controller. my hands hurt by the end of the night.

    pls let me know what you think. in particular, if i am being a wussy and would best make peace w the gear i already have, i need to hear it from you guys. thanks in advance for reading & responding.

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    What is your budget?

    Here is a Blues tune I do w/my trio to warm up:

    Music teacher and piano player.


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      well, 2K. lets say 2K.


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        Korg sv-1 weighs in right at 2g's.


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          Sounds like the most important thing for you is to try the keyboard out - as well as the Korg try a Kurzweil (PC3 and PC3LE slightly different but use the same keyboard action, PCx uses a different action) and (not sure of the pricing though) a Nord
          A Roland AT-45 (curse its MIDI implementation, PC2R, PC3x, BFC2000,MOTU MTP AVU, MIDI Solutions Event Processor+ (and a merge box) but bad timing - buggered if I can play to a fixed tempo!

          The next toy will let me be a reasonable musician