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  • Video outputs on synthesizers

    I just voluntarily passed a great chance to get Roland XP-60. And it is just for one reason. I keep reading on troubles with LCD screens on XP-60/XP-80, and there is not one single replacement unit on the whole planet. Very bad customer support by Roland, have to say. It's even worse when you think that they used the same display on XP-60, XP-80, JD-990, JV-2080 and MC-80 sequencer. All of those units are sentenced to near death, except if you have computer editors for them, minus MC-80 that has no editor.
    You can get Displays for MKS's or other 80's gears, but not for board that was in store some 10 years ago. Service manual doesn't give a single clue about how it can be repaired, if it is possible at all.
    ...Which brings me to following thinking: was it/is it really hard to put video outputs on those synthesizers? I mean, in our time a standard 512MB video card for PC costs 30 USD list. Is it so hard to implement it? In 80's Roland came with a great concept with S-50 sampler that had RGB output, so you could hook up a monitor! Some other samplers from the same S series followed the path.

    Why did they stopped it? Why no one followed?

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    MV's did it too