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  • Access Virus TI OS5

    Coming soon - probably after Musikmesse:


    4 envelopes - 2 freely assignable (finally).

    New filter types - x-fade, and variable slope.


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    Finally! I downloaded it, yesterday. Pretty cool!
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      Oh wow, I just checked a few days ago and there was nothing new. I was a little surprised that it has taken this long. The Access web site says it is a public beta though. Hmmm... Dare I take the risk and install it?
      Okay I just looked at the user forum to see what sort of bugs people are having and I think that I am going to wait on this for a few weeks and see if some of the bugs get worked out. It appears that not only are there bugs but the uninstall is not very clean and requires some work.

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        I dl'd it and no issues for me (yet).
        My VCAs go to 11


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          I just upgraded too, but keep in mind I only use it as a standalone unit without USB.
          2 extra envelopes are in the EDIT menu...
          Filterbank section is where the new filters are located.
          No excuses not to get a good sound now.
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            works great here in OSX and W7
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