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My Keyboard Power Supply Seems To Have Failed


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  • My Keyboard Power Supply Seems To Have Failed

    Well, I currently own an old Roland E-600 Intelligent Keyboard which was released back in 1998 to 2001. Something strange happened, last week. On Saturday night I turned it off, on Sunday morning I turned it back on. It could not turn on, all I could hear was ticking noise coming out of the speaker which is connected to it. It once did that, but when I unplugged it to the outlet it was connected and plugged it back to another one. It worked fine, but this time nothing happens it keeps doing the same thing as if there is a component that has failed.

    I suspected that it may be a power issue. I opened it up, I could hear a noise like a ticking clock coming out of the power supply which is quite bizarre to me. When I go online about why power supply fails and the symptoms that may indicate a power supply is failed. Based on what I've found it seems like the power supply has failed.

    Here are the reasons below, but only age I think seems to be a likely reason as to why the power supply has failed.

    1. Age

    2. Electrical (lightning, power spikes, etc.)

    3. Dirty (Cigarette smoke, house dust, etc.)

    4. Brown outs

    5. Overheating and/or ventilation failure

    One of the symptoms is if there is a strange noise coming from the power supply which I noticed. My question is have you ever faced with that kind of problem? I plan to buy a new keyboard, but not now. The reason is because this one is kind of old, it does not sound as good as a brand new keyboard. I want to know what your opinion about that issue.