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Using Cubase 6 to set BPM for hardware devices?


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  • Using Cubase 6 to set BPM for hardware devices?

    Hi guys

    ive recently been looking into trying to some how i can set all the bpm's of my hardware synths to being the same so that they will work in time with each other. I have had a look and what ive found so far is tempo clocking, i get a rough idea of what it is and does but what i want to know is how would i connect it all up the hardware via mid to the PC so that i can set BPM with Cubase. I have a Focusrite scarlett 18i6 witch has a midi in and out on the back, but i need to connect several devices up to the computer rather than one so would something like motu Express 128 do the trick?



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    Cubase will transmit MIDI clock and that is all you need for tempo sync.

    How many devices? Will you be sequencing any from Cubase or not?

    You can daisy chain using THRU ports on the devices (cheapest solution), you can add multiple output THRU boxes, a MIDI patch bay...many options depending on your needs. You only need another MIDI interface if you want to drive more than 16 channels.
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      i have about 5 devices only one of which has the through but it also has a poly chain midi out as well so can that be used?, its a prophet 08, so if i where to get a through box would i send a cable from the out put of the scarlet interface into the input of the prophet 08 then out the through into the the through box and then from there to the input of all the device? is that the correct setup? don't really need to do any sequencing from cubase as well just tempo clocking