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Rough mix of new track - "Organum" wanted to share :)


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  • Rough mix of new track - "Organum" wanted to share :)

    This is going to be the closing track on my next album release -

    It needs a few tweaks and isn't as yet mastered but I am quite happy with the vibe - enjoy


    ORGANUM - link is embedded to SC here


    All percussion / glitched parts - Elektron Analog Four + Monomachine + Machinedrum

    Synths used - Tassman + Supernova Rack

    Piano and choirs / vox - Logic ESX24 (some custom samples this end)

    Any feedback appreciated and enjoy - prbably for lovers of ambient with a filmic yet electronic orchestral bent.


    Happy Namm 2013 All


    Venn Diagram - Artist WebsiteMachinedrum, Monomachine, Analog Four, Octatrack, NordModular, Moog SubPhatty, Novation Nova, Korg MS20 Mini, Maschine, Tassman, Aalto, Absynth, Uhe's ACE & AudulusContact