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  • microkorg + alesis sr18

    I know many of you will cringe when you hear my question, but I'm okay with that.  As you probably hear a thousand times, I'm completely new to this kind of hardware.  I have a microkorg on it's way, and I want to be able to use a drum machine like the alesis sr18 with it.  for now, i'm not really concerned with recording the music, I just want to be able to have fun with both the microkorg and sr18 together. 

    can someone explain to me in simple terms how I can do this?

    from reading another post on this thread, I know that I can hook the two together with a midi cable, but what else am I going to need for sound output? do both these pieces of hardware I'm getting require me to buy speakers to actually hear them together?   like I said, I'm completely idiotic when it comes to this, i apologize in advance.   basically, if someone could just tell me everything I'll need to have fun playing the two together, that would be amazing, and I would be forever grateful.  will I need another piece of hardware to be able to play the two together?   also, down the road, will I be able to record with these two pieces of hardware?