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  • Novation Launchkey Question

    Does anyone know if you can use those shiny blinking pads for DAWs other than Live?  I use Cubase exclusively and am considering picking up this controller if I can map those pads to trigger loops / tracks / whatever I want in Cubase.

    Anyone have any experience doing this with their Launchpad product perhaps?

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    The pads on a Launchpad just send MIDI msgs, the lights are controlled by MIDI msgs sent back from the host. So in one sense they are totally generic.

    I'm sure Launchkeys will come with a Cubase template out of the box, though what it will let you do is anyone's guess at this point.

    Novation has not yet posted a user's manual or other documentation online.
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      what's interesting is that the Launchkey is touted to be a MIDI controller yet offers no traditional

      MIDI IN/OUT/THRU connectors.

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        Well what do you call a MIDI controller that only has USB connections?