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Messe2013: Arturia's new KeyLab controller line

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  • Messe2013: Arturia's new KeyLab controller line

    New range of USB/MIDI controllers in 25-, 49-, and 61-key variants; looks like the successor to the Analog Experience quartet.


    The concept looks promising -- more drum pads (hopefully they'll actually be sensitive enough for finger-drumming, this time around), better spacing on the faders, and a switch to what look like the knobs from the Origin and Spark (which are much nicer than those on the AE boards).


    I'm interested, if not necessarily optimistic, and I'm not exactly waiting with open wallet.  Although my Spark has been trouble-free, my Analog Laboratory board left something to be desired in the QA department, while the bundled software proved to be buggy and guilty of making promises it couldn't deliver.  The new (and somewhat confusingly-named) Analog Lab software seems as if it could indeed be what the Analog Laboratory was supposed to -- in particular, it seems to have a more full-featured multi-timbral mode -- but I'm waiting to see some magazine reviews first.



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    For some reason Arturia's stuff has never clicked with me. 

    But to be fair, I've never owned any of their controllers either. 

    Never got excited enough about them to lay out the cash.


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      It looks nice, especially the 61 key controller / synth.  I hope it can auto-map the Moog Modular V.  That thing is impossible to tweek in real time with a mouse.  

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