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MIDI files in a wierd format


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  • MIDI files in a wierd format

    I have several 3 1/2 floppy drives that contain MIDI files but they are not in a "normal" format that can be read like a computer disc.  I think they were from some sort of Alesis or M-Audio system that used the magnetic media in the floppy a different way.

    Anyone here have any experience with such a system or would be able to convert those discs to something I could use in a more conventional format?  I'd really like to have those files to work with.  I would certainly be willing to pay someone a little something for their trouble if they're willing to convert these to something I can use.

    These are left over from an estate sale that I ran for the widow of a good friend some time back.  I wound up selling the drive that could read these before I knew it used this odd format.

    I started out with nothing and still have most of it left!!

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    What is the extension on these files?  Is it .mid or .smf or is it from perhaps an old Commodore Amiga program, like .perf or .seq?


    Or can't you read the disk at all?

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      Cannot read the discs at all.

      I think they were formatted to work with one of these...

      Talked to a guy at my local GC this morning and I'm quickly deciding that this may be too difficult a project for this MIDI novice to tackle.

      I may have some gear for sale.



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    They must be very old MIDI data files. I remember the Alesis model from way back. If you need new MIDI Files and any advice on MIDI Files , please check out Hit Trax MIDI (that's us). Cheers, John.
    Cheers, JohnHit Trax MIDI Fileswww.HitTraxMIDI.com