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  • Kurzweil SP76 Problem

    I sold my Kurzweil SP76 a couple days ago and then recieved an email from the buyer saying that it isn't outputting any audio. I've gone through some troubleshooting with her including a software hard reset. No audio on the headphones or the main L/R tried with a couple systems and 3 pairs of headphones.

    When she picked it up I had it hooked into a powered speaker from the left output and it worked fine. Last time I tried the headphone jack (couple months ago) it was working fine too so I don't know what happened.

    I got an email saying that the audio was working with a different 1/4" cable and it was fine now, but that was followed by an email a couple minutes later saying that it was dead again. Shes on her way over here with the keyboard now so we can try to figure out what's wrong with it.

    Any ideas? Have you ever seen this happen? When the hard reset was done it showed "PAS" meaning that the hardware (in theory) check out to be fine.

    Thanks for your help guys.

    Edit: She brought the piano over and absolutely nothing is wrong with it, everything works into just about every system I can find. I'm not sure how she managed to make it not give audio with all of her stuff but no matter what we did to it we couldn't get it to fault at all.
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    Hey Sam,

    I guess I'm as clueless as they come w/ this stuff. I have no audio output though headphones or 1/4" out. I've  Tuned it off/on, I've unplugged power/replugged, hit the panic buttons. I last used it about 3 weeks ago and had no problem. It gets VERY light use, and doesn't get moved.

    Any thoughts?