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A Cave Dweller, a Guv'nor, and a RAT


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  • A Cave Dweller, a Guv'nor, and a RAT

    These are my recent pedal builds. (L-R) Madbean Cave Dweller Delay, dark and very hunting ambient delay, not your typical PT2399 Delay tone, but thats what makes this delay unique and different., General Guitar Gadgets Guv'nor, sounds close to the actual Marshall Guv'nor, but with an added clipping bonus, you can choose between the stock LED clipping tone, which is very open, punchy and tubby sounding or three diode asymmetric clipping, which sounds a little more compressed, bitty and nastier. The last but not least, the General Guitar Gadget (PRO CO) Rat, cloned after the 85' white face rat. I used LM308 chips just like the vintage 85' pro co rat. Sounds like the rat indeed.

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