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Peavey impulse 500 polyswitch rating


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  • Peavey impulse 500 polyswitch rating

    Hi Folks

    ive just bought 2 peavey impulse 500 full range speakers ,one horn dosent work and the other one cuts out when cranked up.

    ive removed the crossover boards and one poly switch has melted for the speaker thats not working and the other polyswitch is burnt on the speaker board that is working so i need to order and fit 2 new polyswitches so my question is what is the correct size polyswitch ie rxe 30,40,70,and also the correct 12 v bulb for the protection circuit the buld thats fitted is a 12v 21w

    thanks Steve

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    Hi Folks,i ended up buying poly fuses  rated at 40...soldered them in,speakers now working great for a 4$ repair and a bit more experience .png" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" />