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Repairing a vintage Roland Cube 60


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  • Repairing a vintage Roland Cube 60

    So I found the thing for a pretty cheap price, and everything seemed to work fine, until I put some pedals in front of it. My Boss SD-1 sounds like a Fuzz Face turned all out when I put it into the Cube. Does anybody have any idea as to what might make the amp do that?

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    What amp model are you using on the Cube? Does it sound like that on every model even with the gain minimized? Have you tried other overdrive pedals to rule out the SD-1? Is the SD-1 one plugged in or on batteries?



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      I had a look through a schematic of the vintage Cube 60. One thing that is immediately clear is that the Q1 stage ("Overdrive input") has a good low frequency response (-3dB at around 30 Hz) , and the Q1 stage ("Overdrive input") has an even better one (-3dB at around 10 Hz). So if you overdrive either input, you will get fuzz type distortion.   When Q1 overdrives Q2, that's a different story, because there is an extra coupling capacitor there which forms a high pass filter, which helps to make the distortion more "chunky": that type of distortion requires bass roll-off before the clipping.

      Since the amp works without the pedal, and the amp's behavior did not change while it was in your possession, and you do not have another Cube 60 to compare against, you don't really have a basis for believing that there is anything that needs fixing.

      "It does not respond to an OD pedal like a tube Marshall does" is not a malfunction in a solid-state Roland, in other words. .png" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" />

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