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Assembled kits sold as boutique

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  • Assembled kits sold as boutique

    Anyone have a problem with someone known as a great amp builder, selling you an assembled kit from someone else?


    There are some amp builders out there, that do exactly this, without mentioning the kit aspect.


    Some people ask what's the difference, if you get a working amp that sounds good? Why do you need to know where the parts and design came from? Obviously, if an amp builder is known for his/her talents, you expect them in what you purchase. Selling built kits is riding one's own coat tails.

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    If it sounds great, no.

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      Most builders who use kit parts will do some tweaks to add a signature sound. Also there is a lot of technique to the wiring that can give it a premium look if not adding to the sound.

      regards, Jack

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      • toober
        toober commented
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        Some people may not care to hassle with putting a kit together themselves. In which case, they won't be looking to buy a kit at all, so for them, they want something already playable. If you feel like you're getting jipped, then maybe you should have looked for a kit instead of a completed unit.

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      If i was building and selling an original amp like fender, boogie,etc... and then sold the rights to another company to sell a kit version for DIY'ers, then i would have a problem with someone buying the kit, building it to NEAR stock specs, and selling it as a different named amp.


      That said, im as guilty as others of copyright violations on mp3;s and propriatary scematics and stuff. Ive bought some home made pedals that i knew were modded by friends slightly as well. Im a player, and im poor. That compels me to get what i need as best i can. If i have money, i buy the bigname stuff like Mesa, Fender, etc...  I use a Maverick 2/12 40w combo and my pedalboard is stuffed with legit pedals. But that hasnt always been the case.  Years ago i had a friend mod a pedalboard by adding the guts of the old rockmans into it. Switched the sliding controls for footswitches, and used it to death. Many people loved it and made similar versions, I would see a problem if someone did thaT and was selling them for profit.


      What we do ourselves for our own use is one thing. Mass producing someone elses product in a redesigned package is another.


      But like i said, im no angel myself...

      Yea though i walk through the "Valley-Of-Shadows", i shall not fear. For i have 2 spare sets of "Ernie Balls" in my guitar case! Muahahahaha!


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        No matter how big or small a company, if a directy sourced product is purchased, one can only hope that the offerer knows the product inside and out. If this is not in one's business model, Customer Service will suffer. Happy Holidays to All, Safe and Secure. :^)
        Best regards,


        • TFM53
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          Such practices appear to have become common practice anymore.Guitar assemblers do the same thing by assembling factory parts and calling the results "custom".It's just acceptable now,instead of being a true one-off.