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    I'm a guitar player, but not at the level of most of your membership. I'm also a custom chair maker and about a year ago I was perched on the edge of my couch playing along with some song when I asked myself, "You're a chair maker for gods sake, why are you perched uncomfortably on the edge of this couch with your back unsupported. Why don't you design a chair for guitarists? Better still why don't you design one that someone can sit in for hours comfortably?"

    So I started looking into what was out there in the market and saw that there were various short seated, performance type chairs designed for acoustic guitar players but there was nothing for people like myself who want to be able to jam and play casually/comfortably for hours. The first design I executed was a rocking, one armed chair that would support my fretting arm and I added a small built-in box on the end of the arm for storing picks and other small items. This also could have contained a tuner.

    The next iteration was an armless chair which most of the photos below show, and the newest offering I have will have the option of one or two adjustable and removable arms. All my chairs have awesome lumbar and back support achieved through my flexible, rotating back braces that rotate to fit your back exactly every time you sit down. They also gently surround your lower back. Each one is custom built to fit the customer perfectly and all are made from exquisite figured hardwoods that you decide on. Forbes Magazine said of me, "Like a bespoke tailor.....each chair is named, numbered and signed work of very comfortable art. My chairs aren't cheap. Each one takes 70-80 hours of meticulous craftsmanship. But they are comfortable, functional and visually fascinating and have a lifetime warranty. The armless versions start at $3,700 for chairs made from Curly Maple, Black Walnut and Cherry. English Walnut, Claro Walnut and other rarer woods are more depending on wood prices. Adding removable arms adds $1,200 to the base price. Check out my guitar chairs at www.parkerconverse.com.

    Guitar Chair Lumber Support

    Flexible Back Braces

    Guitar Chair Front


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