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c.m.i. electronics sg-212 ??s

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  • c.m.i. electronics sg-212 ??s

    i have this old tube guitar amp sitting around, a c.m.i. electronics sg-212... thinking of getting it serviced... maybe new tubes, filter caps, etc... any suggestions in the socal area?

    anyone know much about this amp?


    My Gear:

    Herco Flex 75 picks
    Jim Dunlop medium picks courtesy of Lord Wein
    GHS Boomer strings
    Dunlop strings, which I have yet to try
    Electric guitar A
    Electric guitar B
    Electric guitar C
    Electric guitar D
    Electric guitar E
    Bass guitar parts
    Acoustic guitar A
    Acoustic guitar B
    Acoustic guitar C
    Amplifier A
    Amplifier B
    Amplifier C
    Box full of stomp boxes and wah peddles from the 80s 90s and 00s
    Box full of cables
    Some recording stuff
    No talent