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Garageband with Ipod touch


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  • Garageband with Ipod touch

    Just bought an Ipod touch mainly for guitar playing at my summer cottage and wondering if I have any use of the Garageband. I've been using sequencers a very long time (hardware based, dos times Roger Powell Texture etc. Roland stuff..).
    Would there be anything usable knowing that the screen with Ipod is very small.
    I do have a laptop all the time with necessary software and interfaces (keyboard/guitar ) but still thinking. The price of course is ridiculous but is Garageband worth checking?

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    I use it for quick prototyping of an arrangement, then I open the session in Logic Pro 9 for detailed work and mixing.

    The instruments and effects are simplified versions of the ones found in Logic Pro.

    I also have Garageband on my iPad, didn't find it useful until I got an Alesis iO Dock for connecting a MIDI keyboard controller and drum pads.

    Gargrageband is Mac only, closest PC app is Seque by Steinberg.l
    15 inch Quad-core i7, Macbook Pro,
    OSX 10.8.2, LPX, Logic 9.1.8, Apollo Duo