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Hey Craig,when you do the live chat for Presonus...


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  • Hey Craig,when you do the live chat for Presonus...

    Hey Craig I might not make the live chat so I have a few questions before I watch the video or rerun, are you going to go over the Mastering Section or just effects in general?

    Also I was reading Bob Katz "Mastering Audio the art and the science" and one thing that i would like to know is calibrating the monitors to -20 dB at 83dB SPL(got to set up and burn in some new Monitors) still necessary to correspond with the onboard K-system meters?. I mix by ear however I would like to implement that system(minus the acoustitician) and delve into the Mastering side of things.

    And, how do you feel about the stock compressors that come with Studio One now that the mix feature has been added, I myself like them just a tad mare than Waves Renaissance or even some of the other favorites I'm used too(as long as the auto gain is disabled).

    I know I'm jumping the gun but I may not make the chat to ask these questions my friend so thank's in advance.

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    Kindly disregard, I juggled my schedule to be able to join the livestream, for those interested it's here:



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      Great show Craig, I hope they get your one on the effects up soon.