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1954 Jensen P12P, NOS - $250


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  • 1954 Jensen P12P, NOS - $250

    This is a Jensen P12P, made in 1954. It is NOS - New Old Stock. It has never been used. Here's the story:

    It was originally included in a Theater Sound System package offered by a company called Motiograph. The entire system consisted of 3 Altec Lansing VOTT (Voice of the Theater) cabinets, and 8 smaller cabinets. The VOTTs were used, the smaller cabinets were not. The package was purchased in 1954, and this speaker sat in dry storage since then. It was originally mounted in a small wood cabinet with the Motiograph label on it, but it has been removed for testing.

    The Date code is 220430. It is 12", 8 ohm, around 18W - The wattage is a little difficult to determine, as I can't find any actual documentation from Jensen that specifies the wattage rating - That's how rare this is. However, Jensen's model naming convention went like this:

    P12N 20W (or 18W, I've seen both)
    P12Q 15W
    P12R 12W
    P12S 10W

    So the P12P is somewhere in between the P12N and the P12Q... And those weren't exact, they could actually handle more power than rated.

    The magnet is AlNiCo, with a 1.5" voice coil, just like the P12N. Jensen speakers were standard issue in 50s and 60's Fender amps - for some reason the P12P was never utilized by Fender (although Gretsch did use that model), but it's an absolutely amazing guitar amp speaker, just like the P12N, P12R and P12 Q.

    You'll never see another of these NOS. $250 firm.
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    Is the speaker still available?