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FS: New Diezel 4x12 Cab & Road Cases for VH4, Herbert, Cabs


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  • FS: New Diezel 4x12 Cab & Road Cases for VH4, Herbert, Cabs

    Hi everyone,

    Been a minute, I know. :-) I've not quit making music, but I've decided to finally move some gear that has long sat unused and it's time to take action in freeing up the real estate. That said, I'm moving some items and you'll find their detail below.

    I have some road cases made by A&S Case Co. (, North Hollywood) and a Diezel cabinet made by Pac-Wood, Inc. ( whom I believe at the same time made cabs for Bad Cat, Bogner, and others, according to their spec.

    The 4x12 cabinet is brand new, unscathed, unused, and empty, meaning there's no speakers included and no drill holes since no speakers were ever installed. I have the official Diezel nameplate, speaker jacks, wiring, and casters (as you can see in the photos) that came with it. I have a couple Diezel cabs already and this is basically a third that I don't use (I don't need a third 4x12 cab, that's bananas!).

    The cabinet road cases were made for my Diezel 4x12 cabs and are stackable. One is a top case and the other a bottom. You'll see in the attached photos that the bottom cabinet case has dishes on its top side where the pins from the bottom side of the top cabinet case set into when stacked. This same principle applies to the head cases, where the Herbert head case stacks on top of the VH4 head case (since the VH4 is taller, I thought that design would look best if the head cases were to be stacked). Otherwise, I would just stack the head case onto the cabinet case itself.

    Some cases may have light scratches on them but I've never taken them on the road. They basically sat in a lockdown studio for a while and are now in a garage, no travel or touring. I was an ambitious musician a while back with all sorts of ideas and they've simply sat since I got them. Imagine that. ;-)

    That's really it folks. I'm simply looking to move the gear, which is located in Orange, CA (next to Anaheim). Simply make me offers you see fit on any of the items herein. I'd prefer to not ship anything, simply pickup and go, but will do what I can to help people out if serious. Thanks for reading and looking forward to your help in moving these items expeditiously.

    You can view the gear at this public Facebook album: =3f3bf98b99




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    Update: I had posted this before, but noticed without any pricing detail. To simplify, I'm willing to let any of the road cases go at $100 each. I'm also willing to let the new/empty cabinet go at $300 (they went for just over 1k new with speakers, so sans ~$100/speaker, the deal is apparent). No catch, no negotiations, just looking to move them to free up the space. Available for pickup in Southern California or for shipping (prices don't include packing/shipping costs, can be estimated from 92865 zipcode). Thanks :-)


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    * All items sold except for the VH4 road case, feel free to contact me if interested in that, thank you