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Teac Model 5 Vintage Analog Mixer - Very Warm - $150


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  • Teac Model 5 Vintage Analog Mixer - Very Warm - $150

    Unfortunately, I have to sell my Teac Model 5 mixer due to the fact that I need a bigger board with more inputs. This thing has done the job magnificently over the past couple of years for me. It was service a few years before I purchased it and sat in storage until I came along. The board is from 1975. It is heavy duty and well built with wood sides. This was really one of the first home recording small consoles available to the market. It is in excellent cosmetic and working condition. I will say this, a couple of the faders may need to be lubricated since they can be a little noisy on first moement.

    It has 8 inputs, both Line and XLR. The line inputs are RCA inputs. This did not affect the sound that i could get from this. I will include some RCA to 1/4" cables with the mixer.
    The EQs are great and there is plenty of headroom. The VU meters are accurate, but one needs a bit of adjustment. it will stay pretty accurate as long as you do not peak that meter. With analog boards, you can tend to push it a little bit without the nasty distortion.
    One fader and 2 pots are missing their caps. These can be replaced cheaply.

    Below are some larger pictures of the unit as well as a spec sheet for the Model B. What I have is very similar to the Model B. This mixer is a beast, weighing around 75 pounds. I am in the Miami area. I do not want to ship it, but if you want to purchase it and live outside of the Miami area, the shipping will run about $70. I will list it here before I put it on ebay.

    If you are in need of that vintage analog sound for your DAW setup, then this is for you.


    Please PM me if interested.
    Thanks for looking

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    Do you still have the teac model 5 mixer for sale? thank you..