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Mackie 24x8 Studio Console, MOTU 828MKII

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  • Mackie 24x8 Studio Console, MOTU 828MKII

    Hi, I'm selling a very nice Mackie 24x8 Studio Console with power supply, manual, dust cover, and original box. Everything but the dust cover is in great condition, the cover has some tears in it. $800 or best offer.

    The MOTU 828MKII in is perfect condtion, not a scratch on it. I never had a single problem or complaint with it and would recommend it to anyone. $450 or best offer.

    Monster Studio Link TRS-TRS 8-channel, 3 meter recording snake. I bought it for $220 2 years ago, it got very little use in a permenent studio install, perfect condtion. I'd sell for $175, or if you buy the board or interface i'll go much cheaper.

    8-Channel Hosa? 3 meter TRS-TRS recording snake, $25 or free with the monster snake.

    (4) Monster 15' gold plated XLR cables, $140 for all 4.

    (2)Monster TRS to TRS 3 meter gold plated cables, $70.

    (5) Mic stands with bag. 3 black On-Stage tripod boom stands, 1 short boom stand for bass drums or amps, 1 chrome boom stand, 1 chrome straight stand. $80 for all.

    (2)Shure SM-57's, perfect condition, barely used. $140 for both.

    TDV 4-space shock-mounted flight case, perfect. $100

    Alesis 3630 compressor/limiter with gate, perfect, $50

    ESS WamiRack 4-in, 8-out digital PCI interface, used once, perfect condtion. $150 or best offer

    I take care of all my equipment well, so be assured everythings in perfect condtion, unless otherwise noted. I have pictures of everything, just ask and i'll send some. I'm will to barter, negotiate, and give deals if you buy more than one thing. Shipping we'd have to work out later. I need to sell ASAP so please make some offers. Thanks for reading!

    Dan Green
    715 497 9704

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    I wasn't looking for this board just yet, but if you still have it by the end of next week(Friday or Sat), E mail me at, I'm in the western suburb of chicago don't know how far you are from me so maybe we'll still have to ship, I did a little OT last week so maybe I'll something to offer!!!!

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