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F/S: SM-57

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  • F/S: SM-57

    I bought it last week but I wanted to return it so could buy an Audix i5 instead. On the receipt much to my dismay, "NO RETURNS FOR MICROPHONES" So, it's essentially brand new. But I can't return it and don't need it. Want to preferably sell it but will except a DD-3 in trade.

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    Guitar Center, right?!?... sheesh. We wanted to take an unused kick drum mic back to buy a FULL DRUM MIC KIT... and no dice. C'mon! We walked... and ordered the kit up from UniqueSquared.
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      how much?
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        Nah, it was a local music store. I hate GC too. Only buy accessories like picks, strings and the like. Will NEVER buy an instrument from there.

        As far as price..umm....considering it's practically new....80 plus shipping?


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          VINYL PILOTMrGuymy good transactions


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            You don't know what an SM-57 looks like? Have you ever played a live show? Sang? It's a 99% chance it was a 57 you were using. Or a 58, which looks the same.


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              Yeah, i've seen a 57 before dude. Just wanted to see my future purchase before I buy it just to make sure it's all what you say. Didn't really need to be a smartass about it man.
              VINYL PILOTMrGuymy good transactions