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Three Auralex C24 Pro Panels, Obsidian color, $250


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  • Three Auralex C24 Pro Panels, Obsidian color, $250

    Auralex Elite C24 ProPanels are the high-end solution for acoutical treatment from Auralex. ProPanels are 2" thick decorative, fabric-wrapped Class A absorptive fiberglass panels with an NRC totalof 1.05 with excellent ability to control lower frequencies. They work great as both sound dampening in a recording booth or diffusers in the control room.

    For sale are three panels that measure 2' x 4' each. They are wrapped in dark 'obsidian' colored fabric.

    These panels are NEW and never been outside their box. They were extra from a studio installation. $250 is for all tree panels. Since they are still in their box, it should be easy to ship anywhere in the US, or you can pick up in Los Angeles.