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FOR SALE - EXCELLENT VINTAGE 1960s Pearl Red Sparkle 3 piece 22 16 13 drum kit


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  • FOR SALE - EXCELLENT VINTAGE 1960s Pearl Red Sparkle 3 piece 22 16 13 drum kit

    I figured this forum would be an excellent place to get these sold. I am moving in less than 2 weeks and cannot bring them with me. If it was up to me I wouldn't sell these but I don't have much choice. I will gladly sell to a forum member instead of doing the eBay route. These are currently up on eBay but I will gladly pull the auction if someone wnts to buy them here. While I am a new member here, I think my feedback score of 884 speaks for itself.

    I can say this about these older imported drums... They have a more relaxed, mellow overall tone. They are not as aggressive as say Ludwigs or Slingerlands... They tended to use luan and mahogany (asian species counterparts) which tend to give a darker mellower attack and a quicker decay. These have what looks like a layer or two of a maple-like wood on the inner and outer plys... So, these would be the on the higher-end of the imported brand drums. The older Pearls I've come across are usually very easy to tune and easy to get a great sound ... Great for recording!


    Sizes: 22" x 14", 16" x 14", 13" x 9". Japanese made. Has horizontal grain and not the cheaper vertical grain seen on other lesser Japanese models. These were the export to the USA models so they were higher quality. The common stencil kits made by Pearl and sold through various distributors and music stores used cheaper vertical ply construction and cheaper wood. Includes original rack tom holder and excellent bass drum legs.


    I believe the wood is luan, which is a much higher quality wood than the wood used in other Japanese kits. The good thing about luan is that is dries out over a few decades and this give this type of wood much more sustain and greater tone. When tuned properly these drums sound EXCELLENT!


    For a 50 year old kit, this baby looks very nice! The wrap is intact on all 3 drums and the sparkle looks fantastic under lights! There are only a few minor marks of wear. These can all be viewed in the many photos that I posted. There is some wear and small amounts of paint missing from the bass drum hoop. The rims and the rest of the chrome all look excellent. There is no rust to be seen at all. The Pearl bagdes look fantastic. A number 6 is written inside and I presume this is a factory marking. The internal tone control muffling system is in great shape on both toms. Bearing edges look fine.


    The kit has recently purchased Evans drum heads. There is little wear on the heads and they should last for quite awhile.


    $450 plus whatever shipping is. Local pickup is fine too. I am located in southwest CT, about an hour from Manhattan.


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