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FS (USA-TX) - Large Amount of Equipment: Synths & much more

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  • FS (USA-TX) - Large Amount of Equipment: Synths & much more

    Selling the following items:
    Pictures and details available at
    Email directly at

    * Keith Emerson Split Moog Minimoog D Synthesizer - owned by Keith Emerson, used on tour late 70s - early 80s, signed by Emerson -
    Split electronics and keyboard, 240V
    * Oberheim Custom Dual-Manual 8-voice Synthesizer (ex-Patrick Moraz, signed by Moraz with COA, S/N 1 hand-built by Tom Oberheim, with console covers)
    * Hammond C-3 Organ w/Stand - Custom Portabalized w/stand, voltage converter (ex-Patrick Moraz with COA)
    * Moog Minimoog Voyager Bob Moog Signature Edition Synthesizer w/case (S/N 353 of 600)
    * Moog VX-351 CV Expander Module
    * Moog CP-251 Voyager Control Processor Expander Module w/rack mount
    * Moog 1121 Footswitch
    * Moog 1125 Sample and Hold Controller
    * Moog 1130 Drum Controllers (2) w/Stand
    * Moog Signature / Big Briar Etherwave Theremin (signed Bob Moog)
    * Moog Taurus I Pedals (with window)
    * Korg MonoPoly Synthesizer
    * Octave Plateau Catstick
    * Polyfusion QP-1 Sound-A-Round Joystick Controller
    * Polyfusion SP-1 Sound-A-Round Controller
    * Aries System 300 Modular Synthesizer Wing (2x10 cabinet w/Power Supply, by Kevin Lightner)
    1 AR-321 Hex Attenuator
    1 Custom Frequency Counter Module
    2 AR-338 PMS VC Ocillators
    1 AR-332 Dual VC Oscillator
    1 AR-334 Sequencer
    1 Custom / Blacet Frequency Divider Module
    1 AR-335 Electronic Switch
    1 AR-344 Dual VC Envelopes
    1 AR-339 Multi-mode VC Filter
    4 Digisound 80-21 VC Digital Oscillator Modules
    2 Digisound 80-10 VC Envelope Shaper Modules
    1 Digisound 80-11A Dual Ring Modulator Module
    1 Digisound 80-19 Dual VCLFO Module
    1 Digisound 80-23 Quad LFO Module
    1 Digisound 80-16 Dual Resonant Filter Module
    * Digisound Modular Synthesizer (2x8-module Wood Cabinet, Power Supply)
    1 Digisound 80-18 Dual ADSR Module
    1 Digisound 80-8 Dual EG Module
    1 Digisound 80-4 VC Mixer Module
    1 Digisound 80-5 Voltage Processor Module
    1 Digisound 80-16 Dual Resonant Filter Module
    1 Digisound 80-7A State Variable VCF Module
    * Polyfusion 2054 Keyboard Controller w/Joystick (no 2064 breakout box)
    * Sequential Circuits Model 800 Digital Sequencers (2), one has Footswitch
    * Encore Expressionist 8-Ch MIDI-CV Converter - new
    * Encore Knobby MIDI Controller - new
    * Kawai MM-16 MIDI Controller
    * Peavey PC-1600 MIDI Controller
    * Korg MS-04 Synth Footpedal
    * Oberheim POB-1 Volume Pedal
    * Sequential Circuits Prophet T8 Synthesizer w/Flight Case
    * Moog Memorymoog Plus Polyphonic Synthesizer w/Flight Case
    * Oberheim Matrix-12 Synthesizer with MIDI / Separate Audio Outputs
    * Digital Keyboards MIDI Synergy II+ (Customized w/Internal EPROM Burning Capabilities) w/7 Voice Cartridges, Case
    * Digital Keyboards MIDI Synergy II+
    * Kaypro 10 Computer System, Synergy Software
    * Alesis A6 Andromeda Synthesizer
    * Dave Smith Prophet '08 Signature Special Edition Polyphonic Synthesizer, original box
    * Roland AX-1B Special Edition Portable MIDI Controller w/SKB Case
    * M-Audio MidAir Wireless MIDI System
    * Oberheim Matrix-6R Analog Synth Module
    * Casio VZ-10M Synthesizer Module w/European Collection ROM card, Casio RC-100 ROM Card
    * Technics WSA-1R Acoustic Modeling Synthesizer Module
    * Akai EVI-1000 Electronic Valve Instrument (personally tweaked and signed by Nyle Steiner) w/EWV-2000 Wind Synth Module,
    Akai original hardshell Case, Akai color brochure, Patchman Patches on Cassettes, Diskettes, Hard copies, Newsletters
    * Yamaha MEP-4 MIDI Processor
    * Korg Wavestation A/D Module or Korg Wavestation SR Module
    * Oberheim OB-Mx Analog Synthesizer Module (8-voice) / ex-Rick Wakeman
    * EMu Audity 2000 Synth Module
    * JL Cooper Synapse 16x20 MIDI Switcher/Processor
    * 360 Systems AM-16B 16x16 AudioMatrix 16 Patcher (Balanced) with AM-16R Remote Control Module
    * 360 Systems AM-16 16x16 AudioMatrix 16 Patcher (Unbalanced)
    * Roland SBF-325 Stereo Rack Flanger / Chorus
    * Roland SPH-323 Rack Phase Shifter
    * Roland SRE-555 Rack Chorus Echo (chorus modified), Two NOS RT-1L Tapes
    * Roland SVC-350 Rack Vocoder
    * Alesis Midiverb 4 FX Processor
    * ART Multiverb Alpha SE Digital Effects Processor (ex-Christopher Cross)
    * Digitech Quad-7 4-channel MIDI Graphic Equalizer
    * 360 Systems 2800 Programmable Parametric Equalizers (2)
    * Roland SPD-8 Total Percussion Pad w/Stand
    * Ibanez GB-30 George Benson 30th Anniversary Hollowbody Electric Guitar w/flight case (1 of 30)
    * Gibson 1978 Artisan Les Paul Electric 6-string Guitar w/Case
    * Shadow GTM-6 Guitar-MIDI Converter w/Piezo Hex Pickups (2), Footpedals
    * Martin 1968 00-28C Acoustic Classical Guitar w/Case
    * Alembic Custom 5-string Bass Guitar w/Gig Bag
    * Ovation 1121-4 6-String Acoustic Guitar (autographed - Kris Kristofferson) w/Case
    * Heil Talk Box
    * Audio-Technica AT-1 Wireless Guitar System
    * Roland SI-24 Digital Interface / Control Surface
    * Audio-Technica PRO-8HE Headset Microphone
    * Audio-Technica ATW-0321H Wireless Headset Microphone
    * Quadralinear Rack Monitor Speaker System
    * Leslie 925 Rotary Speaker Cabinet w/JBL Speakers
    * Leslie 900 Rotary Speaker Cabinet
    * Leslie Deluxe Combo Preamp, Cables
    * Dynaco QSA-300 Quad Power Amplifier
    * QSC MX 700 Stereo Power Amplifier
    * SR&D Scholz Rockman Power Soak Rheostat
    * Marshall 50 Watt Tube Head (Modified)
    * Hewlett-Packard Frequency Counter
    * Dana 5900 Rack Digital Multimeter
    * Frey Scientific XP-580 Regulated Power Supply
    * 6-ft. Equipment Rack
    * Misc. Anvil Cases (2)
    * Tascam PB-32 Patch Bay
    * Behringer PX-2000 Ultra Patch Pro Patch Bay
    * Invisible Stand KB-3
    * Ultimate Keyboard Apachee Quad / Quint-Tier Stand
    * Alesis ADAT XT w/LRC Remotes, ELCO Cables, Sync cable
    * Roland SBX-1000 MIDI Cueing Box / Synchronizer
    * dBx DriveRack Studio Processor
    * Ivie IE-30 Hand-Held Real Time Analyzer w/Case
    * Ivie IE-20B Hand-Held Noise Generator
    * Ivie IE-17 Real-Time Analyzer / Processor
    Cards & Cartridges
    Roland M16C Memory Cartridges (2 GR-700 Sample Sounds (1 ex-Genesis)
    Roland M64C Memory Cartridge (Super JX-10 Internal)
    Kawai DC-8, DC-32 RAM Card
    Casio VZ-10M European Collection RC130 ROM card, Casio RC-100 ROM Card

    * Sony PVM-1211RM 12-inch Rack Video Monitor
    * JVC KD-V601 Stereo 3-head Rack Cassette Deck
    * Panasonic PV-3800 DAT Tape Recorder w/remote, rack-mount
    * MOTU 828 Mk, II Audio Interface
    * MOTU Timepiece AV (Serial) MIDI Interface