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  • Yamaha SY77 FM synth with sequencer

    I wanted to give this one last shot before moving to ebay, so I've lowered the price and added some pictures. I am looking to sell my Yamaha Sy77 synth. Imagine a DX7, except with all the synthesis options pumped up. 8-operators, 3 assignable feedback loops, ability to stack up to 4 FM seperate FM synth sounds in one patch. It also has a traditional subtractive/analog style synthesis method. You can layer that, as well, with itself or with the FM sounds. There's a 16 track sequencer (with pattern-based drum sequencer) as well.

    It's a great board, I've had it for years now, I'm just looking to move on to something new. Functionally, the unit is in good shape. As is common with this board, the disk drive no longer works. I never, since I bought it, had a use for it, so I didn't even know this until I tested it for sale. Everything else works well.

    There is some cosmetic damage. There's a large crack on the right hand side (see pictures here: here ). This is in no way affects playability.

    I'll throw in a sustain pedal, as well. If you have something cool, keyboard-wise, to trade, I can also throw in a Mackie Mixer 1604 mixer (well worn, but works) to sweetened that deal.

    Local pick-up (Brooklyn, NY) or nearby drop-off only.
    Feel free to e-mail me - patrick @ subliminalself . com any questions.