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Complete Left-handed Electric Guitar setup FS/FT for synth


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  • Complete Left-handed Electric Guitar setup FS/FT for synth

    I picked up this setup when I thought I wanted to learn to play guitar (I'm a keyboardist). Unfortunately, I really didn't have the interest and only played it a handful of times. What this means is that this gear is relatively untouched and in great shape. It's sitting around my apartment, looking for a good home.

    The lot is:
    SX Left-Handed Electric Guitar (retail: $99.99)
    - Three pickups, five-position pickup switch, two tone controls, volume control. Sounds excellent and great for lefties, like myself.

    Korg AmpWorks (retail: $50.00)
    - A complete Amp modeling system in a small box. With effects! 11 amp types, 11 cabinet types, 10 different FX and EQ. Read more about it here:

    Korg GA-30 tuner (retail: $14.99)
    - Standard guitar tuner. I'd be lying if I said it was something fancy, but it's accurate and easy to use, what more do you need?

    Complete setup and intonation (cost: approx. $50.00)
    - Now, if you buy one of these lower priced guitars new, the first thing you're likely to find is that the intonation is all messed up, frets buzz, it's not the guitar's fault, it just wasn't setup correctly. I've taken care of this for you and had the setup and intonation professionally done. It's ready to go.

    This all cost me a total cost: $214.98, not including shipping and tax and all that fun stuff. I'm just looking to get $100.00 out of it. I'll even throw in a strap for free.

    Trades are definitely considered. I'm looking for a Yamaha DX, Casio CZ, Ea-1 or just make an offer! If the deal is sweet enough, I'll even through in a rough-for-wear, but definitely working Mackie 1604 mixer. E-mail me with questions/offers!

    If an sale, buyer pays actual shipping. For trade, obviously, I"ll cover my end.