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  • FS: Dave Smith Mono Evolver Keyboard

    I have a mint condition DSI MonoEvolver Keyboard for sale. Barely used. It's way too deep a synth for me so I'm passing it along to someone who knows what they're doing. Comes with original box, manual and power supply (works anywhere in the world.)

    $950 postpaid in the United States.

    - 3-octave keyboard, with velocity and aftertouch (pressure)
    - Easy-to-program with 58 endless-turn knobs, and 35 switches
    - Four oscillators in total: two analog, two digital
    - Analog oscillator waveshape: sawtooth, triangle, saw-triangle, and pulse (with voltage-
    controlled analog pulse-width modulation)
    - Digital oscillators select from 96 wavetables from the Prophet-VS (128 x 12 bits), and 32
    user-loadable (via MIDI) Wavetables (128 x 16 bits)
    - Hard sync on the analog oscillators
    - FM and ring mod on the digital oscillators
    - Separate glide per oscillator
    - Real voltage-controlled analog lowpass filters
    - 4-pole/2-pole switchable, fully resonant (in 4-pole mode)
    - Right and left channel Analog Voltage Controlled Amplifiers (VCA)
    - Dual digital 4-pole Highpass filters (one per channel) to place before or after analog
    - Stereo audio inputs; Noise generator
    - Envelope Follower and Peak Detect from External Input to use as modulation sources
    - External Input can be used to gate envelopes and/or step the sequencer
    - Three snappy ADSR envelopes
    - Four LFOs (sync with sequencer and MIDI)
    - Dual (left and right channel) tunable feedback loops; modulate frequency and amount
    - Delay with 3 taps; each with separate time and amount modulation
    - Syncs to sequencer/MIDI Normal feedback and additional feedback path through analog
    - Individual digital, one for each channel, can be placed before or after analog electronics
    - 4 Banks of 128 Programs for 512 total Programs Dump to/from MIDI
    - 16 x 4 analog-style sequencer - syncs with MIDI
    - Extensive Modulation capabilities including audio-range modulation Bipolar (+/-) modulation - Internal computer and DSP chips can be reprogrammed via MIDI for easy upgrades
    - Universal power supply runs nearly anywhere
    - 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz. Includes 4 adapters: USA, Euro, UK, and Australia.

    This synth can do pretty much any type of synthesizer sound you can think of and many, many more you probably haven't thought of yet. My MEK is dead-mint: no scratches or signs of use anywhere. It's like brand-new except you can get it from me $100s cheaper than anywhere else. Call Kelly at 979-204-4850 or email at redchapterjubilee@yahoo.com if interested


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    p.m sent regarding your mono evolver