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SCI Prophet-600 *MINT* with Chorus Mod


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  • SCI Prophet-600 *MINT* with Chorus Mod

    Customized Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 for sale/trade

    Very speical professionally customized with a built-in Stereo Chorus: the infamous vintage (Arion SCH-1) so it has stereo outputs and also a footswitch jack to trigger the sequencer, this thing sounds just as phat as a moog or a prophet 5

    the synth is in mint condition with no physical abnormalities, the origianl wood sides have very MINOR scratches but i ordered porfessionaly crafted replacement sides from synthwood.com; included =D

    Everything works fine from the the knobs, to the arpeggiator, and the sequencer, the MIDI works great as well.

    One of a kind machine here, PM me for pics, email or call for offers/trades

    24/7 561-676-7480