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FT: Akai MINIAK for DSI Evolver


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  • FT: Akai MINIAK for DSI Evolver


    I have an Akai Miniak, and I'm looking for a DSI evolver. I like the miniak, but its a little more than I need at the moment. I used to own an Evolver and I miss it.

    let me know if you have one. Not really interested in selling the Miniak outright. Also, if you have other stuff to trade, let me know. worst i can say is no.

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    I'm almost positive you're not interested in this, but I'm going to ask anyway. I have a Roland XP-30 with the Keyboards of the 60s and 70s and Vintage Synthesizer cards in it, and I also have the Piano and Hip-Hop cards. You're probably not looking for a rompler, though.
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      sadly, no. I'm looking for (mostly) a mono analog synth. Id also consider A waldorf Blofeld / Microwave, Nord Lead 1 or 2, or something like that.