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Prophet 08 key, Virus Polar, Korg prophecy, FS/FT


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  • Prophet 08 key, Virus Polar, Korg prophecy, FS/FT

    Cash is my best friend, so first come first serve,

    Access Virus polar- mint with power cable, I don't think I have the manual but you can download that and the software from their website.
    $1500, I will also take a rack version + cash for this

    Prophet 08 keyboard, original box, manual, power supply, it had the DSI knob issue but I used some deoxit on them and they work like new, I will also include the rest of the can of deoxit

    Korg Prophecy, mint condition, original box, manual, quick start guide, and prophecy gig bag

    A new mixer is my top priority, looks like I just missed out on a good deal on a speck Xtramix, but something like that, the xsum, neve 8816, tl audio ebony, hell Ive even been checking out the mackie lm320, I dont know, let me know what you have)
    Ideally I would like to stay racmountable, but Im not opposed to a console, kind of been looking at soundcraft ghost's, midas, toft, not looking top of the line (because I cant afford it), but not looking low grade guitar center crap

    Also want to mention, I am not looking to sell both the prophet and the virus, so whichever goes first is what goes. I also will add that I will be out of town until the 11th, but am posting this now to get whatever bites I can, I need a new mixer ASAP!
    Cash, or paypal only (as a gift to avoid fees), buyer pays shipping.

    I have good feedback on VSE, Ebay, and here under the same user name.
    Im located in Buffalo, NY

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    Do you still have the Prophecy? Hit me offline: tonysounds@yahoo.com
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      is the prophet 08 still available?
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        Both are still available, rs7k is gone


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