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M-Audio Keystation 49e...$85.00+shipping


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  • M-Audio Keystation 49e...$85.00+shipping

    This is in really good condition except it is missing the little plastic cap on the volume slider (it doesn't affect the playing anything) and there's a little smear mark above it that I really don't know what caused it. I bought it to use with my iPad but it really doesn't work very well for it even though it does work with most apps I've tried.
    If you're just looking to control programs on your computer, control a midi module, or something like that then I think this would be great for you and it's very inexpensive!

    Please respond to:

    I'd rather not have to pay PayPal fees and can furnish excellent refs but if PayPal is the only way you want to buy it then please add the 3% they charge. I'm not asking much for this so that's fair.